She implemented 3 secret changes that helped her unknowingly save over $2,300 the next year

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Before the judgements start raining down on her, my friend Jessica is not in any way irresponsible in her spending nor is she partaking in a lifestyle that is beyond her means. Most of her expenses are what would generally be considered necessities, such as groceries, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and transportation costs. She’s a likeable and social person, not a hermit, and as such, she does spend reasonable money on restaurants, movies, and experiences that make life actually worth living.

At the end of 2019, she realized that her savings account had a grand total of around $100…

The danger of a more competent “Trump”

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Last week on January 6th, 2020 our nation bore witness to the culminating climax of what a dangerous Trump could do: inspire and incite an insurrection against democracy itself. However, lest we forget, the damage done by Trump within just the past year is suitable to fill voluminous pages in the “How-to” guide of an authoritarian manual.

Within the past year he has lashed out at nearly every single major American news source, calling The New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN “fake news,” reveling in the layoffs that happened at The Atlantic while tweeting that it was “a very…

What can Joe Biden do with a Democratic majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate?

“I win, I win, I always win. In the end I always win.”

Those immortal words of Donald Trump can now be laid in the grave as Georgian voters rejected the Trump-led Republican Party and delivered control of the U.S. Senate to the Democrat Party. Under his non-existent leadership but overbearing presence, the Republican party lost control of the House of Representatives in 2018, lost the White House election in 2020, and now lost control of the Senate in 2021.

Joe Biden will soon be inaugurated as President of the United States with full party control in both chambers of…

Some behind-the-scenes insight into these people

Screenshot from Genshin Impact

The role of Video Game Analyst, usually just referred to as Data Analyst or Data Scientist in the games industry, is often a misunderstood position, both internally and externally. The enigma of this role owes its status to the relative novelty of such a position, virtually non-existent 15 years ago. Prior to that, most “analysts” in the games industry were traditional business analysts or financial analysts whose goals were company-focused, their mission tied to overall revenue performance and return-on-investment results. These roles are still critical today, however most analysts working in the games industry now function in game-focused roles, where…

Why are White Evangelicals obsessed with everything Christianity is NOT about?

When you hear that someone is a “Christian,” what character traits come to your mind? When American Christians were asked this in a 2016 Pew Research survey, the majority responses included qualities like “believing in God,” “praying regularly,” “being honest at all times,” “forgiving those who have wronged you,” “working to help the poor and needy,” and “being grateful for what you have.” These qualities were among a list of fixed responses that the respondents could choose from. …

Through the course of our lives, we’ve probably all been privy to the wisdom of letting go of the past, and to instead focus towards creating a better future. It’s a concept ingrained in us since birth as we navigated the ups and downs of school pressure, social drama, family roller-coasters, career demands, relationship uncertainties, on and on and on, yet we power through with sincere optimism that the trajectory will be positive tomorrow, that there is never any point “dwelling on the past.” There are a myriad of scientific studies that prove the mental health benefits of having this…

Jake Lautner

Academic Researcher on Modern History, with over 15 years in Data Science & Analytics

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