She implemented 3 secret changes that helped her unknowingly save over $2,300 the next year

Before the judgements start raining down on her, my friend Jessica is not in any way irresponsible in her spending nor is she partaking in a lifestyle that is beyond her means. Most of her expenses are what would generally be considered necessities, such as groceries, cleaning supplies, personal care…

Why are White Evangelicals obsessed with everything Christianity is NOT about?

When you hear that someone is a “Christian,” what character traits come to your mind? When American Christians were asked this in a 2016 Pew Research survey, the majority responses included qualities like “believing in God,” “praying regularly,” “being honest at all times,” “forgiving those who have wronged you,” “working…

Jake Lautner

Academic Researcher on Modern History, with over 15 years in Data Science & Analytics

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